Workplace Drug Testing

Bostec Inc. helps companies in Washington, Oregon, Idaho and Alaska set up workplace testing programs—training your staff and supplying them with the tools necessary to do the job right.

We also assist Whatcom County companies with implementation of their drug testing programs—offering a convenient location for your employees to come for random or scheduled drug tests.

Understanding liability for employees and public safety

Companies of all size–whether mom-and-pop operations, small businesses with 10 employees or large corporations with hundreds of staff members–have an undeniable duty to provide a safe and drug-free working environment for their employees.

In addition, businesses that employ workers who can have an impact on public safety (commercial drivers, pilots, heavy equipment operators, mechanics, etc.), have an even higher need to ensure their workers are drug and alcohol free.

We help companies mitigate liability related to employees using drugs and alcohol at work, or an employee’s off-hours activities.

Is your business regulated by the Department of Transportation?

The United States Department of Transportation (DOT) requires select industries and employers to participate in breath alcohol testing programs as a public safety measure.

Even if your local small business employs just one commercial motor vehicle driver, you must comply with DOT’s comprehensive drug and alcohol testing laws. Companies failing to comply with these laws face fines and penalties that can reach $10,000 per violation.

Bostec Inc. helps companies in the Pacific Northwest (and sometimes beyond) stay in compliance with DOT regulations. If your company is regulated by DOT, we will ensure that your training program will meet strict criteria that complies with their regulations.

What can Bostec Inc. do to help?

Our experienced program staff can set up all the components necessary for your company to begin a workplace drug and alcohol testing program.

Contact our Lynden, WA drug testing office today to see how we can help.

COVID-19 Update

Please visit this page for the latest information on how Bostec is responding to the COVID-19 virus.


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